Café de Voyage is a project conceptualized and built by Wooden Homes India. It is a unit of “Camilsons Traders” – Registered office at Camilson Bhavan, Birondi, Benaulim – Goa, India.

Sweet Ideas

Our ‘Berlina’ is also called bombolone which is an Italian filled doughnut (similar to the Berliner, krafne, etc.) and is eaten as a snack food and dessert. The pastry’s name is etymologically related to bomba (bomb), and the same type of pastry is also called bomba (pl. “bombe”) in some regions of Italy. The etymological connection is probably due to the resemblance to a grenade or old-fashioned bomb and may today possibly also be regarded as a reference to the high calorie density of this recipe.


January 25, 2017



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